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plummet n : the metal bob of a plumb line [syn: plumb bob, plumb] v : drop sharply; "The stock market plummeted" [syn: plump]

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From plommet, recorded since 1382, "ball of lead, plumb of a bob-line," from plommet or plomet, the diminutive of plom, plum, 'lead, sounding lead', itself from French plomb, from plumbum. The verb is first recorded in 1626, originally meaning "to fathom, take soundings," from the noun.



  1. : A piece of lead attached to a line, used in sounding the depth of water.
    I'll sink him deeper than e'er plummet sounded. -Shak.
  2. : A plumb bob or a plumb line. See under plumb, n.
  3. : Hence, any weight.
  4. : A piece of lead formerly used by school children to rule paper for writing
  5. hence a plummet line, a line with a plummet; a sounding line.


lead on a line


  1. To drop swiftly, in a direct manner; to fall quickly.
    After its ascent, the arrow plummeted to earth.




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Plummet may refer to one of the following:
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T square, abate, ablate, bate, be eaten away, beat down, bob, break, cascade, cataract, cheapen, cheapening, collapse, come down, consume, consume away, corrode, crash, crumble, cut, cut prices, decline, decrease, deflate, deflation, deliquesce, depreciate, depreciation, descend, devaluate, devaluation, die away, diminish, dip, dip down, dive, down, drop, drop down, drop off, dump, dwindle, ebb, erode, fall, fall away, fall down, fall in price, fall off, give way, go down, go downhill, gravitate, jew down, languish, lead, lessen, let up, lose altitude, lower, lowering, mark down, markdown, melt away, nose dive, nose-dive, parachute, pare, pitch, plop, plumb, plumb bob, plumb line, plumb rule, plummeting, plump, plunge, plunk, pounce, pounce on, pounce upon, pour down, precipitate, price cut, price fall, price reduction, rain, reduce, reduction, run low, sag, sandbag, set square, shave, shrink, sink, sinker, skid, skin-dive, sky-dive, slash, slump, soar, sound, square, stoop, subside, swoop, swoop down, tail off, take a header, trend downward, trim, try square, tumble, wane, waste, waste away, wear, wear away, weight
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